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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 5:00. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. >> how is the weekend looking? >> and is looking all right. temperatures are going to be down. pretty close to what we would expect. the have to remember this as autumn. in little disturbance here yesterday this rain was down and the carolinas and there's more of it. coming up in the area around the day, and little bit and calvert county, a little bit of a sprinkle and a shower activity. most of it will skip areas
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around the bay and go over the delmarva. we will see a bit more sun once we get past lunchtime. that will help of the cool temperatures. now we want to see what the traffic is like. sarah caldwell. >> good morning. not dealing with any incidents we did have the continued closure and this city and to water main break repairs. and then of course dealing with closures on charles street. near 21st street. along of falls road near lafayette avenue, closures remain in effect until sunday at 3:00 for debris removal. only local traffic can get by. rest of the major roadways fairing well. 11 minutes on the outer loop. here is a quick live look a
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traffic. we will check some of the shots of the 8s. and the harrisburg expressway, checking out ok. and as we switch over to warren rd, looking at an easy ride. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> today at david petraeus answers questions from members of the congress for the first time since resigned over an extramarital affair. but he is and focused on mass. krupps lawmakers want to know what david petraeus knows about the attack on libya that killed four americans. tracie potts as this morning's story. >> after three hours of a briefing from the cia and fbi, the house and senate intelligence committees will hear from summer cia director david petraeus. >> karzai understand it, -- as i understand it, the opportunity
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to get his views are very important. >> they are not expected to get into the affair that prompted david petraeus to resign. the cia is investigating whether he did anything wrong professionally. >> we feel there was not a threat to national security. >> david petraeus testified on the deadly attack that killed four americans in benghazi. >> this administration -- including the president himself has intentionally misinformed, allotted to the american people and the aftermath of this tragedy. >> if you want to know who is responsible in this town, and
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buy yourself a mirror. >> david petraeus may shed some light on that today. >> senate leaders a day will hold a hearing -- senate leaders say they will hold the hearing at a later date. several sourcesssible confirm the suspect is the brother of mia farrow. police say two people cannot forward saying he sexually abused them. the victims are about eight years old when it began. >> it was determined that these were incidents involving these two individuals of were miners at the time. occuring intermittently over the
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eight or nine year period. they said he had some sort of custodial role with the children. he is being held in jail on $250,000 bond. 22-year-old brian may faces rape charges. police said may kasam to the girl inside the vehicle. -- may us all. the girl inside the vehicle. 26-year-old harry pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, stabbing his son to death. his son was found dead and a deflated mattress.
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and alexis simpson is found not guilty hours after alexis simpson took the stand. she told jurors should of been bullied by dominque frazier and knew her roommate had a knife. on the night of the death she said she was upset about the loud music of the fight escalated. alexis simpson had faced seven counts including murder and assault. >> two more days in round one of the ravens-steelers game. the ravens are missing webb, and the steelers missing ben roethlisberger you. you can also sue the game here on tv 11, kickoff set for 8:20.
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we will have much more coming up on the game. what is your favorite part of the ravens-stealers rivalry? you can send an e-mail to >> 38 degrees. it is scary scene in texas as a trend smashes into the side of a float on the right to a veterans day parade. officials said the train is not to blame. >> tears a live look at traffic. here is 83 at 116. we will have more weather and we will have more weather and traffic
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>> good morning. coming up on 5:10. temperature, 38, at bwi, 36. we do have some clouds out there. a little sprinkle to the south east. we will look at that an imminent. women look forward to the weekend and next week, temperatures will be on the cool side. we were warm a few days ago and then the storm came in and is taking the temperature is below the average. the yellow line keeps us close to average but may be short part of the week. the key here other than the temperatures is that there's not a lot of stormy weather. details coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast in a few minutes. >> covering the nation, a quarter people dead and 17 hurt
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after a train at a parade float in a texas on thursday afternoon in midland. a spokesperson says 10 people critically injured, seven others in stable condition at. is in the train sounded a tall as it approached and the date was working at the time. also an ice-cream truck driver is recovering after his truck at a school bus. this in texas about two hours east of dallas ice-cream truck flipped onto its side. they say he was making a left- hand turn when he struck the school bus from behind. no one on the bus was hurt. >> yesterday morning we took to the maker of twinkies they would start living in the company a striking workers did not return to work thursday at 5:00 p.m. no word of the employees returned to work or not.
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hostess' employs 18,000 people. 38 degrees at the airport. and the postal service announces how much money they lost this year. >> and it is hard to find a parking spot during the holiday shopping season impurity we will tell you how ellicott city is using new technology to offer you some help. >> and sarah caldwell taking an early look of your morning commute. a we are dealing with problems and the city. i will update you on those
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell within a good morning commute. this friday shaping up to be a nice start. a water main break along madison street at gilford have been nil. the careful with those locations. falls road closed a messrs. local traffic. they are doing debris removal. checking driving times. stamping on the west side. about 10 minutes to go south on 95 from southwest of 32. no problems down toward fort mchenry from the northeast. alive with a traffic. 795 moving without delay. southbound a from owings mills. let us watch over and tell you looking at a light started their. their delays and toward the
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beltway. now look of the buses and trains. >> good morning. we are moving along nicely on the rails. no delays on the marc train. we have the 36 but northbound of diverting at guilford and chase. look for the 60 diverging. the mta joining forces with the maryland food bank to feed the hungry this holiday season. to drop off your nonperishable food item today and saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. i am kurt, back to you. >> some clouds this morning. there are some breaks in the clouds. to the south, the cloud deck a little heavier. just south of an annapolis to calvert county.
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and is movin to the northeast and on the eastern shore. most of this will affect the eastern shore. it is not very significant. it looks like a lot of the clouds will break up. the skies are clear and everything is moving, lifting to the northeast. what did we do yesterday? only 47 for the high. 57 is the normal. 37 and 31 were the lows yesterday. and this morning we are starting out a little bit warmer. annapolis is 44. 39 and ritually. 33 on the boardwalk. 32 frederick. '20s and western maryland and west virginia. the cloud deck is holding heat in it. and a stabilizing temperatures. we are a few degrees less showy than we were yesterday. years that disturbance to the south. the most significant of the rain has been in the carolinas.
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and now the most significant rains are out over the ocean and chesapeake bay. the club's been as you move to the west. you can see the trend. -- the clouds thin as he moved to the west. you can see the trend. nothing to speak of to the west. the west coast has some water. but we are seeing a pretty dry system. this system will be out over the ocean by this evening. high pressure will be coming in. temperatures will be chilly. it looks like it will be dry. nationwide you can see the cool temperatures, really cool air setting itself up. but dry and storm free except for the west coast, that is were the stormy weather will be. our forecast, decrease in the clouds, and morning shower to the east of us is a possibility. not very significant.
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north northwest winds 5 to 10. we should squeeze out slightly less chilly temperatures during the day. insta-weather of futurecast shows this disturbance pulling out. look at the dry weather coming our way for saturday. and for sunday and into monday. monday there will be disturbance to the south. looks like it will stay to the south. we will still keep an eye on that. but basically, our seven-day forecast looks like this. 53 today. 54 tomorrow. dry weather. with the exception of the morning sprinkle. and monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday, continued dry and still in the 50's. >> in this morning's consumer alert the united states post office reports a record loss of $15 billion in 2012. three times what the post office lost last year.
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they announced a $11.1 billion of the losses came from the future retiree health fund. they warned that they have not received legislative help from congress and the losses could exceed $21 billion by 2016. if you have ever visited ellicott city, it can be tough finding a parking spot. but a new summit that could make it easier. the parker app has sensors underneath parking spaces that is recognize it apaspace taken. >> this extends our customer service and our ability to please guests and offer service. eventually, through our town. it is unbelievable. >> also announced just in time for the holidays, parking in downtown ellicott city is free starting next thursday, thanksgiving for generate one of your >> and carbon monoxide
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poisoning. and and other major computer meltdown occurred with a more on those stories, we have more from james in our bloomberg business report. >> another week we made it through. good morning. topping yesterday, passengers on united continental had a lot of delayed travelers at bwi and other airports. a computer failure for a third time this year. caused hundreds of flights to be delayed. of the carrier risks losing customers who were set up, often. and they typically pay more for their seats. travelers are staying in hotels and what to take extra caution. eight people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. others have been treated for the pores in in in the past three years from staying in hotels.
5:22 am
a report showing the jobless claims surging. mainly because of hurricane sandy, a lot of victims filing for unemployment benefits because they are not able to get to work. this morning futures indicating a lower start. have a, a long way from the cow printed boxers, remember that guy? we keep an eye on dell today after a solid sales and -- after slowing sales for pcs. market researcher says it may even face shortages this year. live at the new york stock exchange, jane king. >> we will see you next hour.
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>> dimas 5:22, 38 degrees. >> up next, the results of a new report. and not forget to answer our water cooler question of the day, what is your favorite ravens-steelers rivalry? i like it when we beat them. can share your answer on our can share your answer on our facebook page
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>> the final result in the grand prix of a baltimore. generally less money them last year was made. proves the race as a viable. >> $2.8 million in tickets were sold.
5:26 am
bringing a $42.2 million into the state economy. the city of baltimore received more than $1 million in tax revenue, local economists consider the race a big win. >> i think that is a fantastic way to show the city's assets to a television audience. >> and theiit shows the opportuy for growth in the years ahead. now that the vendors and stabilized and as rates on as more time to plan and conduct the event in the future. >> the time is now 5:26. from the fiscal cliff to hurricane sandy recovery -- >> and the recent settlement between bp and the federal government.
5:27 am
>> and an anne arundal county man accused of a heinous crime and it turns out he has a hollywood connection. that is next. >> light sprinkles to the south, we will see how that could affect us this morning. >> and we will let you know about any problems to expect for
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 5:00. >> good morning. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> i am mindy basara. thank you for joining us. it is national fast food today. >> mmmm. >> our director slaved over this breakfast. good news as we can leave it here and eat it next year.
5:30 am
>> that is right. the >> at fast food places you do not get the china plate and the nice presentation of. >> i think you should do the honors and take the first bite. >> good enough. as a has a been a. should be an improvement over yesterday. we will see some sun. before we get there, we have to with some clouds. i will tell you about the ravens-steelers game in a few minutes. it has moved through virginia. most of it will affect the eastern shore. south of anne arundal county, getting a few sprinkles. we will see some sun. we will talk more about the
5:31 am
forecast details and a minute. >> that is how it normally is. thankfully the major roads r.o.k.. reports of an accident on the harrisburg expressway and the northbound direction. there is a lawyer of volume that way. we will let you know what to get more on that, right now just a report. madison street of the guilford avenue, water main repairs. watch foreclosures -- and watch for closures. a local traffic is the only thing getting by. on 95 from the beltway south west to 32, 11 minutes. as a live look a traffic. 795 at owings mills, traffic going away from us.
5:32 am
not enough to an amount to a delay. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> you could call this -- as president obama meets from leaders from both parties to talk about how to prevent tax hikes from kicking and. >> we have been hearing about an operation so far. time to practice what they have been preaching. >> that is right. the president and top leaders in congress will meet today, but it remains to be seen where the talks will fall on the skill of compromise and versus confrontation. everyone does agree on wanting, this country should not go over the fiscal cliff, that package of tax hikes and spending cuts slated to go into effect at the end of the year. the white house and president are pushing a plan for more
5:33 am
than $1 trillion for taxes on the wealthy, but that is a sticking one for republicans, a lot of incentive to come to the table, because they suggest if we do go off the fiscal cliff, legoland and another recession. something nobody wants to save. >> -- if we land in a another recession. something nobody wants to see. >> just late yesterday, the president named the secretary of housing and urban development as they go to liaison between state and local governments struggling after the super-storm and the federal government. the president promises to continue helping the victims of a sandy. he was out there yesterday touring parts of new york. a lot of people still without power. the new york governor says he plans to request $30 billion in federal aid, a lot of money but a lot of problems.
5:34 am
>> a big announcement about the case but a federal government against bp for the mass of oil spill. was the latest? >> vp has agreed to pay 4.5 billion at the 2010 explosion of. killed 11 people. and how much money was gushing from be well. two bp employees will face manslaughter charges. eric holder sells more than half of the money from the settlement, which still has to be approved, will go directly to focus on the gulf coast who struggled so much of the oil spill. remember, this settlement will not given the way of any civil claims with those close up the federal case. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> anne arundal county police arrested 66-year-old man with a hollywood connection for allegedly sexually abusing
5:35 am
several children over a number of years. police are trying to bigger out of there are more victims. jennifer franciotti live with the details. good morning. >> good morning. the victims are now adults. abuse started when there were eight years old. and documents show how vulnerable they may have been. >> it takes a lot of courage for victims to come forward with this information and present it to law enforcement. our detectives acted quickly and work in conjunction with the state attorney's office to ride with these charges. >> there commending breyer two adult males who came forward in august alleging they withstood sexual abuse at the hands of 66- year-old james farrow. they say it started in 2000, lasted until 2008.
5:36 am
the victims were eight years old again. there would sleep over at his house with permission from their parents. charging documents reveal one of the victims told police the abuse had happened hundreds of times. so many that you lost count. >> he was determined these were numerous incidents involving two miners. according intermittently over the eight or nine years. >> please forward the information to the state attorney's office which decided to file the charges. farrow turned himself and. thursday morning when 11 news abroad at his home, a woman quickly ran inside and told 11 news to leave. one neighbor who did not want to go on camera said he was not surprised by the allegations. >> and as the hollywood connection, if his name sounds familiar, neighbors have confirmed that he is the brother of the famous hollywood actress mia farrow.
5:37 am
we know he is being held on $250,000 bond. collects 11 news update, from a's the autopsy woman whose body was hopulled fm the inner harbor. police are still trying to determine how they ended up their. >> and fire officials confirm the woman rescued from a house fire has died. officials said the 59-year-old woman died when the flames broke .ut in the home alon she was the only person home at the time of the fire. still trying to find out what sparked the plan. >> 5:37. 38 degrees. the fda looking into a connection between deaths and the five our energy shots. >> how many calories to
5:38 am
americans' average from alcoholic drinks? the results and this morning's medical alert. >> and checking on their morning commute which may
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5:40 am
>> 38 degrees and 20 minutes before 6 i am friday morning and nice and quiet. some clouds in the area. showing up on the radar to our south east. producing a little sprinkle and shower activity, not amounting to much at all. really our only whether news. let us take a look at the radar more carefully. the cloud deck shown in the gray. the clouds break up and virginia.
5:41 am
that is the good news. some of you all have to put up with a little shower this morning, the ball on the eastern shore. it will miss the baltimore area. and again, we are looking up. eventually the clouds will break up and we should see more sun than we saw yesterday. that will help the temperatures. details ahead. >> and this morning's medical alert, the fda investigating possible links between 5 our energy shot and more than a dozen deaths. >> includes 33 hospitalizations and 13 deaths. no evidence that the drinks cause of the deaths, but an investigation is ongoing for the five our energy shots content equivalent of a 1 or two cups of coffee. the company that makes the drinks says it is taking the reports seriously and says that
5:42 am
the during should only be used by hard working adults said in an extra boost of energy. croats in the study from the national center for health statistics five american adults for an average of 100 calories a day from our college ranks. almost 20% of the men, 6% of 300en consume more than $30 calories in alcoholic drinks a day. >> interesting. >> by the:42. 38 degrees. a game fans have been waiting weeks or. we have an update of the ravens- steelers game. >> and the new twilight movie and the rest of the releases. >> and in michigan to be a dry but cool weekend. -- it is shaping up to
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>> now insta-weather plus and traffic together. >> the report and an accident on harrisburg expressway, it was completely cleared a few minutes ago. 83 and york road, back to normal. 65 miles per hour making your way north to the maryland line. southbound toward the beltway, good shape. watch for closures along falls road at lafayette to clipper know until sunday at 3:00 as debris removal continues. local traffic only getting through. no sign of the accident on york road. everything moving well. let us which to live view of 95. that is where things get even heavier. so far so good in terms of
5:46 am
delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let us get the latest on the buses and trains. >> have a great weekend. we are moving along nicely on the mark trains, no delays. all on schedule. 46 bus operating with a delay. back to you. >> some clouds of this morning. not a solid deck. i did see some stars coming in the. eventually, the clouds go away. i will assure you the wider satellite. a few sprinkles coming up from the south. and brief showers could affect
5:47 am
calvert county and anne arundal counties south of annapolis. most of this going over the eastern shore, it is weakening, the amount of rain involved. sorry brief shower or spring along the eastern shore. maybe some west of the day. you can see the direction is moving. switch to our other computer and of the satellite moving in. yesterday we were overcast. a couple of thin spots here and there. primarily cloudy. you can see the clouds lifting out. no clouds southbound in virginia. that is good news. here is a disturbance south of ocean city, pulling out of the picture. if you are headed up towards boston, the clouds will stick around longer. not quite as chilly this morning as yesterday. edgewood, 34, parkton. '20s and '30s out in west
5:48 am
virginia. and far western maryland, even chillier in the mountains of pennsylvania. the chilly air is locked in with this weather pattern. the only disturbed weather nearby is as little feature that came out of the carolinas yesterday. that is lifting to the north. at the west, things are pretty dry. for several days. you can see on a wider view of our forecast view, pushing this weather disturbance out of the picture and giving us a nice weather. if you are flying to the west coast, a little stormy out there. that is more than several days away from us. we are in good shape. a morning shower to the east. 51 to 56. north northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. a little disturbance disappearing and rear drive saturday, today primarily except for today, sunday and monday. monday we will have to keep an
5:49 am
eye on developments to the south. that could be the only problem as far as our longer-term forecast is ravens-steelers concerned-game sunday, a running game, chilly in pittsburgh. 40 to 44 will be the temperature range. here is our forecast. solidly in the 50's. thanksgiving, maybe we bump up the temperatures a little. for these for highs, -- 40's for highs. 30's for anglos. >> and the twilight movie. >> to the blockbuster comes to release a part two of the final film. it is hard to keep up with.
5:50 am
we have a look at that and the other movies opening this weekend. >> i have never felt more alive. >> the to our like a sign of breaking don part two. the formal mortal is getting used your super powers and is finale. but will they come after bella and edward's child? the toilet side abridging don part two is rated ps13. -- pg-13. keira plays the wife of a ranking official in russia. and the social scene drops forcing jude law to offer an ultimatum to his bride.
5:51 am
>> things get complicated in the playbook. bradley trooper has just been released from a mental hospital after finding his wife shooting, he is living with his parents when he meets jennifer lawrence. they just may find happiness without pharmaceuticals. that is rated r. >> i think that looks really good. i think it opened some places last weekend. >> 5:51. 38 degrees. >> ravens-steelers game -we have the latest- injury report next in sports. here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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♪ hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqho
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>> time for your answers to the water cooler question of the day. what is your favorite part of
5:55 am
the ravens-steelers rivalry? >> it is funny to watch them argue back and forth. keeping those responses coming. i know about that, yes i do. >> now 11 sports with keith mills. >> good morning. it is indeed a purple friday as we look ahead to the ravens- steelers on sunday. and the ravens are three-point favorites. ben roethlisberger is out. defense of a coordinator faced now they quarterback group -- as well aware of the challenge that unit faces. >> i have a lot of confidence in them. i thought they played ok.
5:56 am
i will not tell you, i mean you watched the game. there's some plays the maid and someplace they did not. they have got to do a good job, we have got to put them in the right spot. >> kickoff sunday at 8:30. sandusky with the report. and maryland is home as a johns hopkins gets ready for tomorrow's big showdown. they are finished their regular season 10-1. there will try to end their first home playoff game ever tomorrow at noon. and the soccer team won last night. they played north carolina
5:57 am
sunday. >> great. coming up next hour, mortgage rates can actually get lower. why now is a great time to buy. >> a great new masterpiece in paris. it is made entirely from chocolate. >> that is really impressive. we will have a more on this california the boy.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> david petraeus testifies but not about his affair. coming up, what you learned about the deadly attack in benghazi. >> and anne arundal county man as a hollywood connection and is as a hollywood connection and is connected

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